Area Planning & Zoning

Area Planning oversees planning and zoning for Randolph County. Area Planning issues Improvement Location Permits which are required prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.


A fence may be placed directly on the property line. Please be sure to keep the "clear sight triangle" on corner lots, alleys, and next to driveways. No fence is allowed to be placed on an easement of record or in the right of way. If you help with any of this please contact the Area Planning Office.

A fence in back of the home may be as tall as 6'. A fence in front of the home may be as tall as 4'. To determine "front" and "back", draw a line perpendicular to the road at the closest point of the home to the road. Anything in front of that line is considered front, anything behind that line is considered back.


Refer to the Zoning Change Requests page of this site for information on this topic.

Refer to Article I table 1.01.1 of the Unified Zoning Ordinance.

Outside of the city limits, it is required you have at least two acres for a new home or a mobile home.  Other restrictions may apply withing city or town limits.

Reference: article III table 3.03, article III-1, and table 3.1-03 of the Unified Zoning Ordinance

An ILP (Improvement Location Permit) is required ANY time you add square footage to your property in the form of a new home, manufactured home, home addition, any detached structure, pool, patio, pond or deck.

An ILP is required for all storage sheds and appropriate setbacks for must be met. No matter what kind of foundation your shed has, or if it is built on-site or pre-built, you will need a location permit to determine the setbacks on your property. If your shed is movable, unless it is moving from your location within 6 months, you still must have an ILP.

An Improvement Location Permit (ILP) is written authorization from the Area Planning Commission approving the location of construction on a property*.

When you come in for your building permit, you must first fill out an application for an ILP. It will be determined by your zoning what the setbacks will be, that the land you wish to build on is yours and suitable for building. Before this permit may be issued the Surveyor will look over the building site and determine if there are any drainage issues with the property,

Some of the things that the Area Planning Commission will be checking for are:

  • Ownership
  • Zoning
  • Front, side and rear setbacks
  • Flood plain
  • Easements
  • Right of way

It is much easier an far cheaper to get this worked out before you build, and it usually only takes a few minutes to know that you are building in a suitable location.

*Reference:  Unified Zoning Ordinance Article XIII, Definitions.

You must obtain an ILP for an above ground swimming pool if the width is 18 feet or larger and the depth is at least 3 feet.*

Your pool shall not be located closer than 5' to any property line, are not permitted in required front yards, and if located in any R-Zone must be fenced.

*Reference: Article II section 2.13 as well as article XIII definitions of the Unified Zoning Ordinance.

Yes - an in-ground pool requires a permit from Area Planning.

A minimum ground floor living area of 950 square feet shall be provided for each one-story residence and 600 square feet for each residence of two or more stories constructed within an Agricultural Limited  and Agricultural Intensive District. In the case of residences with two or more stories, the total finished living area of all floors shall equal no less than 950 square feet.

For All "R" refer to 4.06, Table 4.06.1 in the Unified Zoning Ordinance.

All single family homes in Randolph County must be at least 950 square feet in size.



The cost of an ILP is based on the improvement as well as the zoning district of the property. Check with Area Planning for the current fee involved.

Reference: Article X, section 10.06.6 of the Unified Zoning Ordinance.

You are required to obtain an ILP if adding square footage to your property, when building a new structure, adding on to an existing structure, changing the location of a structure on a property, or adding a pond or swimming pool.

Please feel free to call the Area Planning Office if you have any there is a questions.

Reference: Unified Zoning Ordinance Article II.

In order to apply for an ILP, it is necessary to know the dimensions of the structure being placed, added on or moved on a property. You need to know the cost of the project and who is performing the work if it is not the homeowner. You will need to know the exact location of your structure from all sides of your property.

Area Planning will provide an Aerial photograph of your property to use as your site plan, and have you draw where the new building is going.

For a new home on a septic system, you must provide your septic approval when applying for an ILP. For a new home on City Sewage and Water, you must provide your sewer and water tap.

Before an ILP will be issued all contractors working at your home must be registered with the county. Forms and directions for this are located in the Building Commission Department on this website. The homeowner may perform any work on his own home without being registered.


It is necessary to file for an Improvement Location Permit to set a mobile home on a property.  Also if placing a Mobile Home on a residentially zoned piece of property, that is not in a licensed Mobile Home Park, you are required to receive Special Exception approval from the Board of Zoning Appeals.

If you choose not to apply for an ILP you may be found guilty of maintaining a common nuisance, and fined no less than $10 per day and no more than $300 per day as long as a violation occurs.

Reference: Article X section 10.06.4 of the Unified Zoning Ordinance

You do not need a permit for a driveway on your property.

The right-of-way is the entire width of a street, road or an alley that goes beyond the paved or graveled areas.  There is no "standard" right-of-way.  Contact Area Planning & Zoning for assistance with this determination.

It is not necessary to obtain an ILP to build a fence. However, you are required to abide by regulations stated in the Unified Zoning Ordinance.

Reference: Article II of the Unified Zoning Ordinance section 2.02.

From the front line of a home to the rear property line, a fence can be no higher than six feet without applying for a variance before the Board of Zoning Appeals.

From the front line of the home to the street right of way a fence may be no higher than four feet.


Set back requirements vary according to location and zoning districts.  Please refer to the Unified Zoning Ordinance section that refers to the area where you have chosen to build.

The answer to this question varies according to the zoning of the property.
In the Agricultural Limited District you must have five acres.

Reference: Article III table 3.03 of the Unified Zoning Ordinance

In the Agricultural Intensive District you must have 40 acres for livestock.
You may apply for a variance on this acreage requirement.

Reference:  Article III-1, table 3.1-03 of the Unified Zoning Ordinance.

Livestock are not permitted in "R" "C" or "M" zones.


Form Name Form
Improvement Location Permit to Install Swimming Pool Fillable Form APC#301 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#301
Improvement Location Permit to Set Single Wide Mfg. Dwelling Fillable Form APC#302 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#302
Improvement Location Permit Fillable Form APC#300 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#300
UZO Article XVIII Variances BZA#XVIII PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#XVIII
UZO Article XII Special Exceptions BZA#XII PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#XII
UZO Article XI Conditional Uses BZA#XI PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#XI
Written Waiver of Notice BZA#250 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#250
Affidavit of Notice BZA#220 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#220
Special Exception BZA#212 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#212
Conditional Use BZA#211 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#211
Variance #BZA210 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#210
Plan of Operation BZA#203 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#203
Filing Procedure BZA#202 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#202
Rules of Procedure BZA#201 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#201
Information Given to Petitioner BZA#200 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#200
Affidavit of Notice of Public Hearing For Vacation of Plat APC#142 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#142
Vacation of Plat APC#140 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#140
Affidavit of Notice of Public Hearing on Subdivision Plat APC#131 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#131
Plan of Operation APC#103 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#103
Affidavit of Notice For Zoning Change Hearing APC#120 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#120
Petition to Amend Zoning Map APC#110-LEG PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#110-LEG
Due Notice To Interested Parties APC#104 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#104
Filing Procedure APC#102 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#102
Area Planning Bylaws APC#101 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#101
Information Given To Petitioner APC#100 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#100
Notice of Appeal From Determination (BZA) BZA#290 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#290
Primary Approval of Subdivision Plat APC#132 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#132
Vacation of Plat Notice of Public Hearing APC#141 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#141
Petition for Final Approval of Plat APC#133 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#133
Development Unit Project APC#150 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#150
Application for Variance From the Requirements of the Subdivision Control Ordinance APC#130 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#130
Petition to Amend Zoning Map APC#110 PDF iconDownload RC Form APC#110
Due Notice To Interested Parties BZA#204 PDF iconDownload RC Form BZA#204


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