The primary responsibility of the Assessor is Assess or place a value on real and personal property in the county. Assessments are based on guidelines and regulations enacted by state legislators and adopted by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. The Assessor's Office has no influence on how property taxes are calculated, the increase or decrease of local tax rates or deductions.  Personal Property is self-assessed and the responsibility of the tax payer.



In valuing a structure the Assessor takes into consideration the outside measurements, type of construction, year built, condition, etc.

After all data is gathered, appropriate cost tables, depreciation, and neighborhood factors are applied that result in a value. The land is valued separately and takes into consideration such things as location, use, and home site value.

If you have yard structures such as tool sheds, lean-tos, barns, garages, pools, gazebos, etc., you will be assessed for them.

Your assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate.  The tax rate is the total rate of the combined taxing units (County, Township, City or Town, Library, etc)  within each taxing district.  The tax rate is expressed in dollars per hundred dollar of assessed value.  This amount is reduced by state and county credits and by any exemptions or deductions you may have as well as any tax caps that may apply.

Yes. The sales disclosures for the past 5 years are available in the Assessor’s office. Many of them are now available on our in-house computer you can use.  In addition, sales data is available on the Randolph County GIS System.

Visit the Assessment Appeals Process service page for detailed information.

Personal property may be assessed by the Assessors office any time between March 1st through May 15th.

Any tangible property that is not real estate.

When a structure has been removed from your property, you need to let the Assessor know either via phone, letter, or a visit to the office. An assessor will visit the property and confirm the report before removing it from the parcel. Depending on the time of year, the assessment will eventually reflect the removal.

Personal Property is movable – can be relocated. Real Estate includes the land and appurtenances to the land that are not Personal Property.

An improvement on real estate is a building or structure that adds value to the parcel.


Form Name Form
Notice of Change of Ownership or Use of Exempt Property (Form 136-CO/U) Search 54173 on
Taxpayer's Notice to Initiate an Appeal (Form 130-Short) Search 53958 on
Single Return - Business Tangible Personal Property (Form 104-SR) Search 53855 on
Single Return - Business Tangible Personal Property (Form 103-SR) Search 53854 on
Application for Model Residence Deduction Search 53812 on
Equipment List for New Additions to ERA Deduction Personal Property in Economic Revitalization Area (Form 103-EL) Search 52515 on
Schedule of Deduction from Assessed Valuation Personal Property in Economic Revitalization Area (Form 103-ERA) Search 52503 on
Schedule of Deduction from Assessed Value Pool 5 Property in Economic Revitalization Area (Form 103-P5 / ERA) Search 52498 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Depreciable Assets in Pool 5 (Form 103-P5) Search 52497 on
Farmer's Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return (Form 102) Search 50006 on
Application for Deduction from Assessed Valuation of Rehabilitated Structures Over 50 Years Old (FORM 322A) Search 49567 on
Sales Disclosure Form Search 46021 on
Sales Disclosure Form Search 46021 on
Information Return of Owned Personal Property (Form 103-O) Search 24057 on
Claim for Exemption of Air or Water Pollution Control Facilities (Form 103-P) Search 24056 on
Power of Attorney Search 23261 on
Information Return of Not Owned Personal Property (Form 103-N Schedule 1) Search 23000 on
Return of Special Tools (Form 103-T) Search 22667 on
Return for Interstate Carriers (Form 103-I) Search 22649 on
Statement for Deduction of Assessed Valuation (Attributed to Solar Energy System or Solar, Wind, Geothermal or Hydroelectric Power Device) (Form SES / WPD) Search 18865 on
Schedule of Adjustments to Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Form 106) Search 12980 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return (Form 103-Long) Search 11405 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Form 103-Short) Search 11274 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Form 104) Search 10068 on


Name / Title Phone #
George Caster
Karinsa Tucker
Chief Deputy Assessor
Shari Caster
2nd Deputy Assessor - Personal Property
Melynda Donham
2nd Deputy Assessor

Did you know?

  • The county maintains a geographic information system with a wealth of information including an aerial view of your property and access to property card data