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Ken Hendrickson is your Randolph County Sheriff.  Ken leads a staff of 14 full-time and 15 Reserve Deputies enforcing the laws of the state of Indiana as well as a number of staff supporting the Jail and the sheriff's office.


Name / Title Phone #
Ken Hendrickson
68-1 Sheriff
Doug Fritz
68-2 Chief Deputy
Art Moystner
68-3 Major
Mike Hubbard
68-5 Sergeant
Tom Pullins
68-10 Detective
Joe Younts
68-11 Deputy Sheriff
Monte Gaddis
68-12 Deputy Sheriff / K9 Handler
Jamey Mullens
68-14 Deputy Sheriff
Jeff Miller
68-15 Deputy Sheriff
Ryan Miley
Deputy Sheriff
Brian Yuknavage
68-60 Jail Officer
Marla Moore
68-50 Jail Commander
Angie Price
68-61 Jail Corporal
Joshua Jasinski
68-69 Jail Officer
Summer Baker
68-62 Jail Officer
Zac Pruitt
68-66 Jail Officer
Joshua Thomas
68-63 Jail Officer
Lindsay Nordyke
68-54 Jail Officer
Gary Hosbrook
68-59 Jail Officer
Adam Hackler
68-64 Jail Corporal
Dawn Lankford
68-55 Jail Officer
Tom Shores
68-65 Jail Officer
Jarad Clark
68-56 Jail Corporal
April Jazinski
68-68 Jail Secretary
Jacob Wolful
68-58 Jail Officer
Brooke Smith
68-57 Jail Officer
Aron Denney
68-67 Jail Officer
Robert Prewitt
68-51 Jail Sergeant
Kyle Thacker
68-53 Jail Officer
Jay Harris
Task Force Secretary
Terry Mercer
68-52 Jail Officer
Jeff Thornburg
Chad Puterbaugh
7655841721, Ext.: 241

Did you know?

  • The Randolph County Sheriff Dept will be taking applications for part time jail officers. you may apply by picking up an application, Monday thru Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm at the Sheriff Dept.