Yet another scam alert

Microsoft Phone Scam

Telephone Alert

People with a foreign accent are calling and representing themselves to be with Microsoft Security.  During the call, they let you know that your computer is currently being infected by malicious malware, viruses, and anything else possible.  They will ask you to get in front of your computer and turn it on to where your regular desktop is showing.  They will then try to talk you into pressing The Ctrl key, the Windows key, and the R key all at once.  All these people which do not work for microsoft security are trying to do is access your computer so they can take it over, and then access all of your personal information in order to commit crimes like identity theft and bank fraud to list a couple.  If these people call you, Ignore them and hang up, it's a scam!  Please, never give your personal information to anyone that you do not know and trust.  I received this call and the number calling was "0".  I'm sure Microsoft has an actual phone number.  Do not become victim because these cases also usually originate out of the Country.  We can not prosecute these people because of extradition issues.  Just be wise and understand that Microsoft is not going to call you at your personal residence in Randolph County, Indiana just to be nice and let you know that your computer is infected, they also have better things to do.