Apply for a Building Permit

Before you apply for a building permit, you will need to obtain an improvement location permit from Area Planning.

Next you will need to determine if the structure is Commercial (Class I) or Non-Commercial (Class II). These definitions can be found in the FAQS section. Click on Building Commission under the Department/Board drop down menu to speed the search.

If Commercial you will need to obtain a Construction Design Release from the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission.

If Non-Commercial or after a Construction Design Release is obtained for a Commercial structure, then a local Building Permit can be applied for. There is an application for a Commercial Building Permit and one for a Non-Commercial Building Permit.

Information you will need prior to applying for a Building Permit:

     (view the application forms listed above to see additional information you will need) 

     -detailed plans of project

     -obtain a septic permit (Health Department)

     -contact the County Highway Department about placement of driveway

     -make sure your contractor is registered in the County

Once you have the necessary information you can print the Application for (Commercial or Non-Commercial) Building Permit from the link above or come in to the office and get the application. Applications can be filled out by the property owner or their agent (contractor or other specified individual). The fee (computed from the Fee Schedule) can also be paid by either the property owner or their agent. When the application is completed a building permit can usually be issued in a few minutes.

The Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission has posted and maintains the Codes Standards & Other Rules. Be sure that your contractor is familiar with and abiding by these codes during your construction project.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact the office by phone at 765-584-0275 or by email at