Filing for a Divorce

To obtain a divorce in Randolph County, one must first file a petition for dissolution of marriage.  You can visit the Self-Service Legal Center website provided in the Indiana Judicial Center to obtain forms and other information that will be useful while filing for divorce.  Their links appear below
A divorce can only be granted by a decree from the court.  Both the Circuit and Superior Courts may conduct divorce proceedings.
The cost of filing for a divorce in Randolph County is $185.00 (as of 07/01/2017).  Divorce filings take place in the Clerks Office.
(Including additions up to 08/26/2013).
This order, which amended the parenting time guidelines in 2013, shows the language of the previous parenting time guidelines and the additions of the new language.
Call 1-844-836-0003 Monday-Friday, 12-5:00 p.m. to get help from a licensed attorney on parenting time guidelines and information on visitation. This is a FREE service and open to everyone
Here you will find the Civil and Criminal Practice and Procedure for Randolph Circuit and Superior Courts.