Request a Zoning Change

The Area Planning Department has a filing procedure (Form #100 APC) for hearings before the Area Planning Commission of Randolph County for changes in zoning. For the applicable law on this topic, refer to the Randolph County Unified Zoning Ordinance Unified Zoning Ordinance.
A step by step procedure is required for applicants.
We need a legal description of the property for the publication in the newspaper. A copy of the deed can be obtained from the Recorder of Randolph County. (The Area Planning Department will provide you with your deed record and page number, if needed).
The Area Planning Department will prepare a “notice of public hearing” to be published in the newspaper using the legal description furnished by applicant. The cost of the publication shall be the responsibility of the applicant. This must be paid for 14 days prior to the scheduled hearing date. The News Gazette will mail a proof of publication to the applicant. Area Planning Department will provide applicant with a list of property owners within a 250 foot radius of the property lines of the tract of land or lot seeking zoning change. That list of property owners and addresses will be furnished to applicant so certified mail – return receipt requested, can be sent out 10 days prior to hearing date. The Area Planning Department supplies a form letter.
Applicant shall then fill in the date and time of hearing, what the hearing is about, address or general location of the lot or tract of land, place and location of where the hearing will be held. (Form #160-APC) The applicant must file all white receipts from mailing the letters with the Area Planning Department the day the notices are sent and provide a copy of the letter that was sent to the property owners. The Area Planning Department has an affidavit that must be filled out the day the certified letters are sent to the property owners and returned to the office with white receipts and copy of the letter. (Form # 110-APC)
The applicant or their legal counsel shall appear on the date and time of the hearing. The Area Planning Commission is a recommending body and the recommendation of the APC gets forwarded to the legislative body where the property is located and the legislative body has the final decision on whether the property zoning is changed.