The Assessor’s Office is responsible for estimating the market value in use for each parcel of real property in the county. Currently Randolph County has over 18,600 parcels. The State of Indiana determines the procedures, rules and regulations that all 92 countries must adhere to in the development of estimates of market values in use. The estimate of value in use becomes the assessed value (AV). An assessed value is determined for each parcel on an annual basis.  The Assessment date is January 1st of every year.

The Assessor’s Office in addition to determining assessed values for real estate, is responsible for the development of Business Personal Property assessed values.  Randolph County has approximately 7,000 business personal property parcels of which 2,000 have received either an abatement, are exempt due to Religious/Charitable status or are now below the 80,000 Aquisition Cost threshold.


Though it may seem to be a simple answer, it is not.  The calculation of a particular parcel tax liability has many moving factors which include but are not limited to:

  • Assessed Value as of 1 January the year prior to taxes due
  • Local Budgets
  • Bonds or Levy's attached by the County and Local Fiscal Bodies
  • Tax Caps
  • Deductions, each applied according to the qualifications of the taxpayer
  • Tax Rates set forth by the State of Indiana based on the Budgetary requirements of each taxing unit

The State of Indiana in conjunction with the Indiana Business Research Center has created a calculator for tax payer use.  This calculator can be found here.  It must be noted that these tools will allow the taxpayer to enter their property's assessed value and possible deductions to see a range of tax bill estimates.

**The estimates provided by these tools are projections only and should not be taken as a statement of true tax liability.

Yes, the sales disclosures for the past 5 years are available in the Assessor’s office. In addition, sales data is also available on the Randolph County GIS System.

Visit the Assessment Appeals Process service page for detailed information.

Personal property values are assessed January 1 of every year and are self reported by property owners to assessors using prescribed state forms. The completed personal property return can be submitted begining January 1 however, must be filed, or post marked, with the assessor no later than May 15.

Metered mail will not be accepted as a post mark verification.

For Personal Property being assessed Prior to December 31, 2019, Taxpayers with less than $20,000 in total acquisition costs for Business Personal Property is required to file an annual personal property return stating that the taxpayer’s business personal property is exempt from taxation for the applicable assessment date. For Personal Property being assessed After December 31, 2021, Taxpayers with less than $80,000 in acquisition costs for Business Personal Property, in the county, is required to file an annual personal property return stating that the taxpayer’s business personal property is exempt from taxation for the applicable assessment date.

Failure to file the annual forms will result in late fees.  The $80,000 is not a deduction to lower your tax liability.  If you have acquisition costs that exceed either limits, your filings will remain as normal

If you have any questions or clarification if you qualify, please contact the Assessor's Office for details at 765-584-2427

Any tangible property that is not real estate.

If you have removed a structure from a specific parcel, the best practice is to notify the Assessor's Office.  This notification, albeit in person, by phone or email will result in a physical review of the said parcel.  If you obtained the required permit, we may or may not be informed in a timely manner; so it is in your best interest to inform us as soon as possibnle. 

It must also be noted that ANY destruction of a structure on YOUR property is YOUR responsibility to report.  Fire Departments or Police are under NO obligation to report these matters and therefore, we would not be aware that a structure had been damaged by fire, etc. until you file an appeal based on the said damage.  Failure to notify the Assessor's Office is not a justifiable reason for appeal.

It must also be noted that this review will not only verify the removal of said structure but will also cause the review of the entire parcel to ensure that the data listed for said parcel is correct.

Any and all changes based on damage and or destruction shall not be retro active but rather will be  effective on January 1, the following year and will not effect current assessment.

Personal Property is movable – can be relocated. Real Estate includes the land and appurtenances to the land that are not Personal Property.

The word "Improvement" simply refers to any and all structures on the land, not considered personal property.  It does not refer to any maintenance performed, remodel, additions, removals.

Examples include but not limited to:

  • Dwellings
  • Detached Garages
  • Barns
  • Gazebos
  • Sheds (even if on sleds)
  • Grain Bins (Dryers, legs, auguers are considered Personal Property and are not part of the overall value of the Grain Bin)
  • Pools (Include Above-Ground and Inground models as well as decks and patios/aprons surrounding the pool)
  • Basketball / Tennis Courts
  • Decks, Patios
  • ANYTHING that sits on the ground is considered an improvement to the Land.


Your assessment is based on ALL strucutures and land associated with a specific parcel.  Each parcel is associated with a unique ID or Parcel Number.  Whatever is located within the confines of the deeded dimensions of said parcel, will be assessed to that parcel.

Any structure or piece of equipment associated with or assessed as Personal Property is NOT included in a Real Estate Assessment

In valuing a structure the Assessor takes into consideration the outside measurements by doing a physical site review, the type of construction, the year built, any modifications to the structure, the overall condition.

After all data is gathered, the Assessor applies the State mandated Cost Tables, verifies effective year and applies applicable depreciation. This results in the Replacement Cost New Value.  That value is then adjusted based on the Market Trend, by neighborhood, established based on the sale of properties in the neighborhood compared to the type of structure being assessed.  This means if you have a residential structure, it is compared to sold residential structures in your neighborhood, not commercial and vice versus

The land is valued separately and takes into consideration such things as location, use, and home site value as well as road and water frontage and any Right-of-Way associated with the land..

The Assessor's Office does consider actual cost, IF INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE!  Supplying invoices of all materials, quotes on construction / land prep are all helpful in ensuring we have applied the correct cost.  If you claim self-built, you will be requried to provide a certified letter stating the hours worked on the project to include the number of all those who helped in construction.

This data is then sent to the Department of Local Government and Finance for review.  Once the State approves the values, it is then passed onto the Auditor for taxation purposes.


Form Name Form
County Residential Valid Sales Data PDF iconDownload RC Form Res Sales
AG Vacant Land Sale Rates PDF iconDownload RC Form County AG Sa
Notice of Change of Ownership or Use of Exempt Property (Form 136-CO/U) Search 54173 on
Taxpayer's Notice to Initiate an Appeal (Form 130) Search 53958 on
Equipment List for New Additions to ERA Deduction Personal Property in Economic Revitalization Area (Form 103-EL) Search 52515 on
Schedule of Deduction from Assessed Valuation Personal Property in Economic Revitalization Area (Form 103-ERA) Search 52503 on
Schedule of Deduction from Assessed Value Pool 5 Property in Economic Revitalization Area (Form 103-P5 / ERA) Search 52498 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Depreciable Assets in Pool 5 (Form 103-P5) Search 52497 on
Farmer's Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return (Form 102) Search 50006 on
Sales Disclosure Form Search 46021 on
Information Return of Owned Personal Property (Form 103-O) Search 24057 on
Claim for Exemption of Air or Water Pollution Control Facilities (Form 103-P) Search 24056 on
Power of Attorney Search 23261 on
Information Return of Not Owned Personal Property (Form 103-N Schedule 1) Search 23000 on
Return of Special Tools (Form 103-T) Search 22667 on
Statement for Deduction of Assessed Valuation (Attributed to Solar Energy System or Solar, Wind, Geothermal or Hydroelectric Power Device) (Form SES / WPD) Search 18865 on
Schedule of Adjustments to Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Form 106) Search 12980 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return (Form 103-Long) Search 11405 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Form 103-Short) Search 11274 on
Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Form 104) Search 10068 on


Name / Title Phone #
George Caster
Shari Caster
2nd Deputy Assessor - Personal Property
Brittany Burns
2nd Deputy Assessor

Did you know?

  • The county maintains a geographic information system with a wealth of information including an aerial view of your property and access to property card data

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