Board of Health

The Randolph County Board of Health oversees the Health Department in their mission. The Board and the Health Department is committed to the core functions of public health: assessment, assurance, and policy development. The Randolph County Health Department protects the health of the citizens of Randolph County through the compassionate guidance of access to basic health services, diligent assurance of a healthy environment, and reliable disaster preparedness. We enthusiastically promote individual and community wellness with an emphasis on prevention of disease and injury.

2020 Board of Health Roster

  • Mindy Winningham, MSW, LSW, ATS - Board President
  • Mr. Joe Edmonds, BA. Ed - Board Vice President
  • Mrs. Shirley Small
  • Mr. Rick Fisher
  • Dr. Philip Howell, DVM
  • Mrs. Samantha Morris, NP
  • Mrs. Kelly Campbell, NP


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