Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is responsible for hazardous materials record keeping and reporting for the county. The LEPCs must establish a plan, receive and disburse information on chemical storage, and conduct exercises of the plans each year.

Reports received from businesses and reports prepared by this committee appear on the Hazardous Waste page of this site.

Committee members include:

  • Charles Shaneyfelt, Chair, Randolph County HSEM (Emergency Management / Homeland Security)
  • Mike Haffner, Randolph County Highway (Transportation)
  • Charlie Nicholson, Randolph County Fire Chief’s Assoc. (Fire Service)
  • Codi Lemaster, Randolph County Health Department (Health)
  • Jennifer Hendrickson, St. Vincent’s Randolph Hospital (Hospital)
  • Duane Petry, Randolph County Emergency Medical Services
  • Patty Gambrel, Randolph County E911 (Communications)
  • Art Moystner, Randolph County Sheriff’s Department (Law Enforcement)
  • Gary Girton, Randolph County Commissioner’s (Local Government)
  • Matt Garringer, Indiana Department of Natural Resources,Law Enforcement (Environmental)
  • Angie Martin, Randolph Co. Economic Services (Community Services)
  • Deanna Sweeney, Cardinal Ethanol (Industry)

LEPC Legal Notice

The Randolph County Emergency Planning Committee will hold its meetings for the year 2022 at 8:30 AM at the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department, 155 E. South Street, Winchester, IN; on the following dates: February 2, May 4, August 3, November 2, and at such other times as shall be duly authorized by act of the Committee or its Chairman. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

The Randolph County Emergency Plan for Hazardous Materials Incidents may be reviewed during regular business hours at the office of Randolph County Homeland Security/Emergency Management, 155 E. South Street, Winchester, IN. All information filed by covered SARA Title III facilities in Randolph County may be reviewed during regular business hours at the offices of the Randolph County Homeland Security/Emergency Management, 155 E. South Street, Winchester, IN. Copies of documents may be obtained at these offices, and the Committee may charge a fee for copying. For further information on these matters, please contact Charles Shaneyfelt, Chairman, at (765)-584-1721.

LEPC By-Laws

Our LEPC by-laws were updated and passed by the committee on May 4, 2022.  

Reported Hazardous Materials

There are a large number of fixed site facilities reporting hazardous chemical substances. Planning for each individual facility should be carried out doing a Hazard Analysis. Fixed site facilities report present levels of inventories via Tier II forms. Analysis of these forms indicate storing and/or processing hazardous materials pose an overall limited threat to the general population of Randolph County.