How do I obtain a protective order?

Protective orders are cost-free to anyone who is a victim of domestic or family violence, stalking or a sex offense.  Because this is a civil proceeding, the Prosecutor's Office is not involved in the issuance of such orders.  Rather, a person must go to Randolph County Clerk's office, where he or she will fill out the paperwork to be review and ruled on by a judge.

You can find the paperwork HERE. You will need to print and fill out a Petition (PO-0100) for yourself or a Petition on behalf of a Child (PO-0101) if filing on behalf of your child. You will also need to fill out a Confidential.

WHEN FILLING OUT THE PAPERWORK: You are the Petitioner and the person it's against is the Respondent. If you can answer #1 and #2 on the Petition you qualify for a Protective Order.

For the judge to approve a protective order, the petitioner must allege that the respondent has attempted to cause, threatened to cause or is causing physical harm to the petitioner, or that the respondent is actually placing the petitioner in fear of physical harm. If you have filed a police report regarding an incident that has happened it helps the court to make a ruling if you can obtain a copy of the police report that you filed.


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