What Is A Class I Structure?

675 IAC 12-6-2 Definitions

Sec. 2. (a) The definitions in this section apply throughout this rule.
(b) “Class I structure” means the following:
     (1) Any part of the following:
          (A) A building or structure that is intended to be or is occupied or otherwise used in any part by any of the following:            
               (i) The public
               (ii) Three (3) or more tenants
               (iii) One (1) or more persons who act as the employees of another
          (B) A site improvement affecting access by persons with physical disabilities to a building or structure described in this subdivision.
          (C) Storage facilities, tanks, and dispensing equipment for flammable and combustible liquids or gases.
     (2) Subdivision (1) includes a structure that contains three (3) or more condominium units (as defined in IC 32-1-6-2) or other units that:
          (A) Intended to be or are used or leased by the owner of the units; and
          (B) are not completely separated from each other by an unimproved space.




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