What is an ILP and why do I need one?

An ILP, Improvement Location Permit, is to determine if you can place the structure you are wanting to build in the location you have planned. There are things to consider such as the flood plain, easements, county ditches and property lines.

In addition to that, in many locations, you may not build an accessory structure closer to the road than your home. You must also comply with all setbacks from the road, side and rear, and in residential an accessory structure may not be taller or larger in square footage than your home.

There are rules on how close you may be to other buildings on your property, or the property next door for fire safety. There are a few necessary guidelines in placing a new structure on your property--and many, many false rumors out there.

So, please give us a call or come in and we can give you the facts about fitting your project in the location you have chosen. And before you place a new structure on your property--please remember your contractor must be registered with the county and you need an ILP and a Building Permit!