What information do I need to apply for an ILP?

In order to apply for an ILP, it is necessary to know the dimensions of the structure being placed, added on or moved on a property. You need to know the cost of the project and who is performing the work if it is not the homeowner. You will need to know the exact location of your structure from all sides of your property.

Area Planning will provide an Aerial photograph of your property to use as your site plan, and have you draw where the new building is going.

For a new home on a septic system, you must provide your septic approval when applying for an ILP. For a new home on City Sewage and Water, you must provide your sewer and water tap.

Before an ILP will be issued all contractors working at your home must be registered with the county. Forms and directions for this are located in the Building Commission Department on this website. The homeowner may perform any work on his own home without being registered.


Department or Board / Council / Commission: 
Area Planning & Zoning