What is Randolph County's current travel status and how is it determined?

Randolph County's current travel status can be found at the following link: http://www.in.gov/dhs/traveladvisory/.  The county travel status is changed by the order of the Board of Commissioners, based upon the recommendation of status change by the Randolph County Sheriff, the Randolph County Highway Director, and the Randolph County Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director.  

The status change is done with the entire county community in mind, even though conditions in one portion of the county may be different than another portion of the county.  The safety of the public and the emergency services personnel are utmost in our mind.  Please do your best to follow the travel status and cooperate with emergency service personnel.

Should a travel warning be issued by the county, essentially declaring a weather emergency, persons are directed not to travel.  The travel is restricted to emergency personnel only. Additional restrictions can be declared. With this said please understand the following:

  • The travel statuses are for unincorporated portions of the county (meaning rural county roadways).  They do not and cannot be applied to state or federal highways.
  • Cities and towns may chose to follow or ignore the travel status.  The choice is up to the Mayor's and Town Council President's.
  • If your place of employment chooses not to follow the travel warning and orders employees to work, then you should report to work.  The ordinance does not have the authority to regulate commerce and those businesses that chose to stay open during severe weather.
  • We work closely with the schools and notify the superintendents as travel statuses as they are changed.  However, the decision for the schools to remain open or closed falls solely on the superintendent.


Department or Board / Council / Commission: 
Homeland Security