What should I do if I removed a building from my property?

If you have removed a structure from a specific parcel, the best practice is to notify the Assessor's Office.  This notification, albeit in person, by phone or email will result in a physical review of the said parcel.  If you obtained the required permit, we may or may not be informed in a timely manner; so it is in your best interest to inform us as soon as possibnle. 

It must also be noted that ANY destruction of a structure on YOUR property is YOUR responsibility to report.  Fire Departments or Police are under NO obligation to report these matters and therefore, we would not be aware that a structure had been damaged by fire, etc. until you file an appeal based on the said damage.  Failure to notify the Assessor's Office is not a justifiable reason for appeal.

It must also be noted that this review will not only verify the removal of said structure but will also cause the review of the entire parcel to ensure that the data listed for said parcel is correct.

Any and all changes based on damage and or destruction shall not be retro active but rather will be  effective on January 1, the following year and will not effect current assessment.

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