What's the application procedure for a new parcel split?

Exempt Subdivision (Parcel Split) Application Procedure
Area Planning Department

Bring the Parcel Spit Information Form (one per split) filled out with a survey  to the Area Planning Office.

The following materials must be included on surveys for split approval:
1. Legal description
2. Names and addresses of the owner, subdivider, and consulting engineer, land surveyor, or planning firm who prepared the plan.
3. Legend and notes, including the scale, north arrow and date.
4. County parcel tax identification number(s).
5. Tract boundary lines showing dimensions, bearings, angles, and references to section, township and range lines or corners closing with a tolerance as given in “Rule 12” of the Indiana Administrative Code.
6. Layouts of lots showing dimensions and numbers and square footage or acreage of each lot excluding areas within right-of-ways, easements and floodplains.
7. Showing the closest building to the newly created line with setback dimensions unless setback is greater than fifty (50) feet.
8. Existing streets and right-of-ways on and adjoining the site of the proposed subdivision showing the names, roadway widths, types and widths of pavements.
9. Existing and proposed easements, including the location, width and purpose of such easements must be shown on plat.
10.  Location of all other natural features.
11. Boundary lines or elevations for approximate limits of floodway fringe areas on each lot as scaled from the floodplain district maps and regulations of the Zoning Ordinance.
12. Location, type, material and size of all monuments and markers.
13. The surveyor’s certificate must be located on the plat (survey).

Note: Subdivision Administrator approval must be recorded with all deeds, contracts and surveys.  Complete Applications will be reviewed within 2 business days and can then be picked up at the office or returned to the applicant by mail if return postage and packaging is provided. The reviewed survey will be stamped and have a Split Approval sheet attached. (see New Parcel Split Procedure for more information)

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Area Planning & Zoning