Where do I begin if I'd like to build a Wedding/Party Venue in the country?

Wedding and Party Venues (barns) are very popular right now, espeically in a private, picturesque setting out in the country. A business you can run--and see--from your home is the ideal way to make extra money on your terms. However, they are a great deal of work and expense to get started. These are considered commercial buildings, and there are very strict guidelines.

If you are planning on over 100 guests in your building, Indiana Code says that you must have a Fire Protection System. (Srpinkler) If you are not on city water that system is very expensive. You must have a commercial well with enough PSI to power the pumper tank.

If you are not on city sewage, you will need to put in a commercial septic system, and the plans must be drawn up by a professional and approved by the Indiana Department of Health.

Regardless of the capacity of your building, all buildings for public use must have detailed plans, drawn by an architect, and submitted to the state for inspection and approval. The approval is called a State Release.

You will be covering a lot of ground between your building, your lane and your parking lot, and if it is over 20,000 square feet you will need a storm water drainage plan. This plan must be drawn up by a professional and submitted to the County Surveyor for approval by the Drainage Board.

All these approvals must be secured before you can obtain your local building permit.

In the event of a power outage, a commercial generator might be in order to make sure that the weather doesn't spoil the day.

We'd be happy to meet with you and explain how to apply for a Conditional Use which is defintely the first step in most cases, but we would also like to make sure that you understand the process you must go through when building a commercial building.



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