Notice of Assessment Assessments of Real Property (Form 11's)

The County Assessor shall provide their Annual Notice of Assessment or Form 11  no later than April 30, of any given year by mail.  Any application of appeals, on the assessed value presented on said Form 11, MUST be POSTMARKED by June 15, of any given year (unless stated differently on the Form 11) (Any appeal received without evidence of incorrect valuation will be returned as stated below)

All notices are mailed to the address registered with the County Auditor/Treasurer.  If you wish your Form 11 be mailed to specific address, you must present a change of address to the Assessor's Office BEFORE March 1.  

Be reminded that this is just a NOTICE OF VALUE, it is NOT A TAX BILL.  The Assessor's Office is here to help you understand the process of valuation.  The term "Improvements" does not refer to what you have done to the Dwelling or structure, it simply is a legislative term that describes the value of all the buildings or structures located on the said parcel.

On the Form 11, this year, you will also notice that the Base Price per Acre for AG Land has increased, by the State of Indiana, to $1,500

***Notice:  If you plan to appeal the valuation or assessment, please ensure you complete the appropriate Form 130, available on the Assessor's Page under Forms.  The form is also availble in the office or you can request a form by mail.  As the appeal is for a particular parcel, if you have multiple parcels you are wishing to appeal, a seperate form is requried for each parcel.  All submissions shall have attached, and or stated, the reason the assessment is incorrect with proof of reason.  Appraisals are welcome however, NOT required.  If you have questions on how to complete the form, the staff will be happy to assist.  If you have questions about your property, please ask.  Working together is our paramount goal.

***Notice:  If the form is submitted incomplete, it will be returned with a defective notice identifying the reason for return.  The dealine to receive appeals is still in play, meaning you do not get any additional time if form is received incomplete.  

***Notice:  You can request your appeal go straight to the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA), bypassing the Assessor informal review, upon submission.