Procedures within the County Assessor's Office through and during the current Pandemic

Ladies and Gentlemen of Randolph County, the Randolph County Assessor's Office is OPEN to Public Access.

As this is a fluid process, any operational status could change any given day.  If you have any questions, please call 765-584-2907 or send an email to and I will respond as soon as possible.

Those individuals who normally come into the office to perform searches on sales within the county, can do so at their leisure.  Any question regarding this process can be addressed at 765-584-2427.

Personal Property Filings for Business and or AG:  The filing of Business or AG Personal Property begins the first working day of each year and runs through May 15.  If it is possible, you can mail or email the form as long as it is signed and dated.  All mail must be postmarked by the mandatory May 15 deadline.  You can however, if you wish, call the office, answer a few questions with the staff and then have a completed copy mailed to you for signature.  We will accept either a scanned email, mailed or faxed return however, regardless of the filing method, the filing date is still May 15.  All late fees and penalties will be applied according to .

Processing of transfers will be as normal.  This includes the use of any on-line service.

Appeals:  As stated on the Alert Page, all Appeals will be processed as usual with the timeline to submit the appeal subject to the State rules of June 15.  If you require a form, you may get the form by going to the forms page or you can call and have one emailed and or mailed.  We will accept the form either by mail or email, as long as it is signed and complete.  If it is incomplete, it will be returned with directions on how to fix the issue.  The timeline however, does not change.  A completed appeal form, with any and all evidence, must be received by or postmarked by June 15.  No metered Mail will be accepted.

Application for Exemptions:  Deadline for a Tax Exemption, albeit Personal or Real Property, is 1 April.  Personal Property Abatement reqeusts is May 15.  No exceptions will be considered.