Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeal (PTABOA) Hearings

On Tuesday, 15 September 2020 at or about 9:00 am, in the Randolph County Courthouse Commissioner's Room, the Randolph County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeal (PTABOA) will hold their 2020 hearing to determine the 2020 Assessed Values presented to them by appeal.

All attendees have been notified by mail with instructions to appear before the PTABOA.  These instructions include date, time and location of the hearing.  Failure to appear may result in the PTABOA making a determination without petitioner input.

All PTABOA hearings, unless specified, are open to the public.  The public gallery however, are not allowed to make any comment, interject any opinion which would disrupt the hearings.  Only those who are indentified as Petitioners and their witness' as well as the County Respondent and their witness' and or advisors have right of comment.

If an appeal is to have its value based on income, the PTABOA may determine the evidence "Confidential" and if this happens, they may adjourn the hearing until a later date or take a recess until the gallery is vacated and then continue with the appeal.  Either way, any "Confidential" hearing will NOT be witnessed by the public.

All petitioners will have their cases heard and a decision will be provided the petitioner in written form, NLT than ten working days following the hearing.

Any questions referencing this notice can be addressed to the County Assessor at 765-584-2907

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, ALL who attend and or appear to witness said hearings shall be required to wear a mask**.  Physical distancing will be maintained as well as disinfecting of witness/petioner area, after each appearance.

This Notice will also be ran in the Winchester NG publicaiton on September 1, 2020