Scam Notice

A new scam is circulating where people are calling family members of recently incarcerated persons or the person themselves.  The person identifies themself as an "Officer" and tells the person that more bond money is needed or the person will be re arrested.  All bond issues are handled in the Randolph County Lobby or through the Randolph County Court system.  If you receive calls like this and are in doubt, feel free to tell the person you are going to call the Randolph County Sheriff's Department and clear the matter up.  Bottom line, Do not give the people money on the phone.  These cases are very hard to track and often times can not even be prosecuted locally because the people committing these crimes are often outside of the extradition limits and sometimes not even in the country.  When in doubt, don't pay.  If you receive calls regarding bond, please feel free to contact Jail Commander Marla Moore at 765-584-1721 Mon - Fri 8a - 4p with any questions to if you truly owe something else.