Social Media Rumors can carry consequences

Rumors that a man arrested in Randolph County a couple of days ago being the person that committed the Delphi double homicide are not true.  This agency was recently contacted by a media outlet stating that they felt the person recently arrested for child molestation greatly resembled the sketch of the Delphi killings.  This agency advised the media outlet that they would forward the info to an FBI agent that was involved in the case.  Outside of the person resembling the sketch, there is currently zero evidence that ties him to this case and he is not a suspect in the case.  Since then, the media outlet ran a side by side comparison of the two faces and stated that FBI was being made aware.

People in this case are putting side by side comparisons together and claiming this guy is the Delphi killer.  It's very dangerous to do that.  People have been contacting Indiana State Police upset that there face was posted stating this without any evidence.  If you are doing this, you are most likely committing libel.  State Police are advising those complaining to contact an attorney because it is a civil matter.  Doing this can carry the consequence of a civil lawsuit and expensive settlements.  In fact, lawsuits are exploding from allegations of online libel — the written defamation of a person. Falsely accusing a person of a crime typically is considered libel in all 50 states. Slander is the spoken defamation of a person.

Although we understand that people are trying to help the investigation, By doing this with zero evidence other than a mere appearance, it can also hurt or hinder an investigation.

If you think you have a legitimate tip, Please contact the police.  There is a tip line set up for the Delphi case which is 844-459-5786 or you can email a tip to