Administers the County Income Tax

A County/Township Income Tax is collected by employers (or paid directly by self employed individuals) to the State of Indiana.  The current Randolph County  income tax rate is 2.25%.

These taxes are received monthly from the State and are distributed to the cities, towns, and county units.  They are referred to as:

  • CAGIT  (County Adjusted Gross Income Tax) 1%
    • Redistributed by the Auditor to the taxing units within the county on a monthly basis.
  • Regular CEDIT (County Economic Development Income Tax) 0.25% (Used for economic development)
    • For those taxing units with an edit plan in place, these funds are redistributed by the Auditor on a monthly basis .  For taxing units without an edit plan in place, the funds are invested by the treasurer for that unit until an edit plan is established.
  • Special CEDIT - Regular (County Economic Development Income Tax) 0.25% (Used for courthouse and Randolph Center for Family Opportunity Building renovations).
  • Public Safety LOIT and Property Tax Replacement Credit (Local Option Income Tax) adopted by Ordinance September 25, 2014.  Rate is 0.75%
  • 2016 all LOIT (Local Option Income Taxes) are now referred to as (LIT) Local Income Tax.