Commissioners Sales

Commissioners sales - sometimes referred to as Cetrificate Sales - may be conducted to sell real estate that did not sell in an annual tax sale.  The Commissioners set the price of the property.  The sale is conducted much like a tax sale and is administered by SRI.  

The primary difference between a Certificate (Commissioners) Sale and a tax sale is the redemption period.  For commissioners sales, the redemption by the property owner must be within 90 days of the sale date.  If the property is not redeemed during this period, the certificate holder my obtain clear title to the property from the Auditor's office.

To review a list of available commissioner's sale properties (when and if available), to learn more about how to bid and the responsibilities of certificate holders, and to review related FAQs, visit the SRI Randolph County Page.  

Commissioners sales are advertised in the Winchester News Gazette and in the news and calendar sections of this website.