Managing Solid Waste Disposal/Recycling

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Garbage is an unavoidable by-product of production and consumption.  There are three ways to deal with it: dump it, burn it, or recycle it.  Earliest methods of dealing with it were to dump it.  After World War II, landfills became the accepted means of dealing with trash.  By 1995, the majority of Americans thought trash was our number one environmental problem--with 77% reporting that increased recycling of household rubbish was the solution.
The Randolph County Solid Waste Management District (RCSWMD) was formed as a "single county" solid waste district in 1996 with the goal of providing local information to county residents concerning the alternatives to dumping trash in the landfill, thus diverting trash flowing to landfills. Informed, voluntary recycling helps conserve valuable resources and slows landfill trash build-up.
RCSWMD provides bins at over 26 locations around the county for voluntary drop-off of recyclables.  Residents may drop-off aluminum, clear and colored glass, mixed paper and cardboard, metal food and drink containers and plastics number 1 through 7.  
The District hosts a permanent household hazardous waste drop off site called Pollution Solution, located at 2115 E State Road 32, Winchester, which accepts household, garden and garage chemicals and hazardous waste and most electronics free of charge. There is a $10.00 for any TV or monitor screen 25" or larger.  Pollution Solution is open every Saturday morning from 8am to 12pm and Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm from March 14 to October 17th, 2020.  Unwanted tires are also accepted at this location on tire collection days only, June 13th and Sept 12 in 2020.  Year-round recycling of white goods is available at Burton's Salvage, located behind Pollution Solution.
The District promotes the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) through presentations and workshops to local clubs and organizations, public and private offices and businesses, and schools.