Processes Real Estate Property Tax Exemptions & Deductions

There are several exemptions and deductions available for homeowners & businesses to help lower property taxes if eligible.

For homeowners, and businesses these forms are completed and filed with the County Auditor.  

The State of Indiana has published State Form 51781 - Indiana Property Tax Benefits which defines all of the available property tax deductions, the maximum amount of the deduction, the eligibility requirements, the required application form and verification (proof) required to obtain the deduction, and restrictions when combining with other deductions. NOTE THIS DOCUMENT NO LONGER EXISTS ON THE IN.GOV WEBSITE - WE NEED AN ALTERNATE LINK OR ALTERNATE VCONTENT ON THIS PAGE. Please review the above form before referring to the specific deductions/exemptions below.


  • The Homestead Exemption
  • Mortgage Deduction
  • The Solar Energy Deduction
  • The Wind Energy Deduction
  • The Geothermal Energy Deduction
  • The Hydroelectric Power Device Deduction
  • The Over Age 65 Deduction
  • Deduction for the Blind and/or Disabled
  • Deduction for Disabled Veterans and/or Veterans with Service Connected Disabilities

Certain exemptions also exist for charitable and not-for-profit entities.  Contact the Assessors Office for more information.