Departments, Boards, Councils & Commissions

2937 East State Road 32
Winchester, IN 47394
Provides runway, refueling, maintenance, and hangars for aircraft traffic.
325 South Oak Street
Room #204
Winchester, IN 47394
Provides planning and zoning services for the county and issues Improvement Location Permits
Meets Monthly, Check the County Calendar for the next scheduled meeting date.
13 member board that reviews/decides on zoning changes and updates zoning related ordinances.
100 S. Main St.
Room #104
Winchester, IN 47394
The Assessment of Real Property and maintenance of Personal & Real Proepty Records
100 South Main Street
Room # 102
Winchester, IN 47394
Coordinates tax collection and distribution and acts as the county "Comptroller".
The board generally meets the first Wednesday of each month at 11am in the Airport Terminal Building and the meetings are open to the public.
Oversees airport related topics and issues for the county.
Meets quarterly, generally the 3rd Thursday every three months: January, April, July and October. Refer to the calendar for the next meeting date.
Board of medical professionals who oversee health related matters for the county.
Meets monthly.
Reviews requests to vary the standards of the Unified Zoning Ordinance.
325 S Oak Street
Suite #204
Winchester, IN 47394
Assures adherance to building codes, registers contractors, issues permits and conducts inspections.
100 South Main Street
Room #301
Winchester, IN 47394
765-584-4011 or 765-584-0645
Judges cases that come before the court.
100 S Main Street
2nd Floor
Winchester, IN 47394
Processes marriage licenses, oversees elections/voting, files court cases, etc...
216 S. Meridian Street
Winchester, IN 47394
Provides offender services (Home Detention, Day Reporting, Community Service, Community Transition) to convicted persons.
First and third Monday of each month in the Commissioner's room on the 3rd floor of the Randolph County Courthouse.
Three person elected group with executive power to overseeing government activities in Randolph County.
The council meets monthly in Commissioner's room on the 3rd Floor of the Courthouse.
Seven member elected board with the decision making authority for fiscal matters in Randolph County.
Meets 1st Monday of each month following the Commissioners' Meeting in the Courthouse (approx. 10:30 a.m.)
County Commissioners also sit as the decision-making body for the county's legal drain system.
As scheduled, most meetings are conducted in the Clerk’s office in the Courthouse.
The Election Election Board is responsible for seeing to it that the elections run smoothly.
110 East Hospital Drive
Winchester, IN 47394
Provide life saving emergency ambulance response service to most of Randolph County.
1885 S US 27
Winchester, IN 47394
Serving the needs of IN citizens and making communities stronger.
325 South Oak Street
Suite #202
Winchester, IN 47394
Basic health services, healthy environment assurance, disaster preparedness, general community wellness.
2256 S US Hwy 27
Winchester, IN 47394
Provides snow removal, pothole repair, road grading / improvement, county road sign maintenance, etc...
155 E South Street
Winchester, IN 47394
Oversees county preparedness for natural, health, and man-made disasters (such as terrorist attacks).
February 2, May 4, August 3, November 2, and at such other times as shall be duly authorized by act of the Committee or its Chairman
Records / reports on hazardous materials and participates in emergency management exercises.
105 W Franklin St
WINCHESTER, IN 47394-1821
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216 South Meridian Street
2nd Floor
Winchester, IN 47394
Provides offender services for persons who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation.
100 South Main Street
Room #202
Winchester, IN 47394
Prosecutes violators of state statutes in all courts within Randolph County. Oversees Victim Services.
100 South Main Street
Room #101
Winchester, IN 47394
Maintains and protects records including mortgages, deeds, liens, powers of attorney, etc...
155 East South Street
Winchester, IN 47394
765-584-1721 or 765-584-7331
Provides law enforcement in Randolph County. Oversees Jail operations and more.
975 East Washington St., Ste 2
Winchester, IN 47394
765-584-4505 Ext. #3
Identifies / addresses local natural resource issues; provides related services to residents / developers.
The Community Advisory Committee meets up to four times a year at the business office. Times and dates to be determined.
Advises the Solid Waste Board concerning recycling and operation of the Polution Solution facility.
Board meeting are open to public. Meets the first Monday of each month except September, when meeting is on second Monday, at 1:00pm
Oversees the operations of the Solid Waste Management District including recycling and the Polution Solution site.
100 South Main Street
3rd Floor
Winchester, IN 47394
Judges cases that come before the court.
325 S. Oak Street
Room #206
Winchester, IN 47394
765-584-0609 (Cell 765-546-0855)
Maintains section markers and associated records. Oversees maintainance of the county drain system.
100 South Main Street
Room #103
Winchester, IN 47394
Collects taxes and works with the Auditor to insure proper distribution of funds. Manages county tax funds.
325 South Oak St.
Suite #102
Winchester, IN 47394
Acts as an advocate for county veterans, their widows and spouses. Assists w/ access to VA services.